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May Client Maintenance Report



Write an "About Us Page" that creates income

It may sound counter-intuitive but your "About Us Page" shouldn't really be about 'you'. Confusing right? Here's why:

"They don't really care about you or your personal life. They care about what happened to you that made you want to serve them."

Your about page should be customer-centric. Tell them why you're the perfect person who can help them with their 'pain' and what made you want to solve that 'pain'.

For example, a 'self-centric' page would say "I grew up on my parents' farm that is why I love planting crops. Planting crops has been my hobby since I was a kid."

Compared to a 'customer-centric' page that would say "Planting crops has always been a passion of mine. Through my planting experience since childhood, I learned how to solve one of the biggest problems that farmers face, which is how to use fewer pesticides while growing a bigger crop. I know that a lot of people are having a similar dilemma and that is what inspired me to invent this product named _________."

See how the second phrase is talking more about how and why he/she wants to help others that have similar pain. Having this 'tone' in your 'About Us Page' will make you more relatable thus making your audience fall in love with your service/product.

Watch the video here:

What Dave Learned from the International Science and Engineering Fair (from him)

My wife Cheryl is the local arrangements committee chair for the International Science and Engineering Fair in Anaheim in May, 2020.

To get ready, she's been helping out with the fair in Pittsburgh in 2018 and Phoenix in 2019.

Of course, I got to help as well...yes, I actually volunteered.

It was AMAZING to see these high school kids with their projects, how dedicated they were, how hard they worked over what turned out to sometimes be YEARS.


I was there an entire week helping review projects and doing just whatever was needed, and I came away inspired!

Here are a few things I learned along the way:

  • Tenacity is required for success.
  • Follow what interests you and be good at it, really good, in fact great.
  • Enlist the help of others.
  • Solve problems.
  • Put yourself out there to be judged and be ok with criticism as it helps you grow.
  • Travel to gain new friends and insights into life as your world is bigger than just you.
  • You can be great in your field and still be a kid.
  • Sacrifice what society thinks is the best for you to follow your dreams.
  • Always look at life like it’s a gift with endless possibilities.
  • Be polite.

Amazing what a 57-year-old can be reminded of and even learn from teenagers!

Security Issues and Updates

Marriott International got hacked

Early this year, one of the largest hospitality company in the world has been hacked. 383 million guest records have been breached exposing 8.6 million encrypted payment card details, some 354,000 of which are expired. Added to that 25.5 million passport numbers were stolen as well.

Marriot call center representatives are available to help customers figure out if their information has been stolen.

According to The New York Times, Chinese state hackers may be responsible for the breach. Sources "briefed on the investigation" recently told the newspaper that the attack was part of a larger "intelligence-gathering effort" by China's Ministry of State Security spy agency.

Read the full article here:

The Site of the Month

Check out

Image is another oldie but a goodie.

The website is still being updated with new events every week!

The site showcases the mouthwatering dishes that the Waffle Amore Food Truck offers and their schedule/location on specific dates. If you want to check it out, go to


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