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blog nov 2022

Unlocking Revenue: A Strategic Approach for Business Growth

Are you looking for more revenue for your business next year? There are several, but […]

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Maximizing Value based on $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi

In our monthly book club, we reviewed Alex Hormozi’s book “$100M Offers – How To […]

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FREE Monthly Book Club – Leaders are Readers

Since September 22, 2022, we’ve been conducting our Monthly Book Club sessions! We discussed the […]

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aug 2022 a

Unlocking Higher Conversion Rates

We recently analyzed a very important post with a bunch of data on what sources […]

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5 Key Insights from My CliftonStrengths Journey: Unlocking Personal Success

I’ve recently gotten back to working more on my strengths. Why? I hadn’t had as […]

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Financial Wisdom: Bear Markets, Recession Strategies, Decisions

I was listening to an interview where the guest was Sam Dogen who runs Financial […]

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gift cards scam hands

DANGER! Email Gift Card Scams! (December 2021 Newsletter)

DANGER! Email Gift Card Scams! Someone very close to us (Dave knows this person VERY […]

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the grinch holidays hack

Don’t let the grinch steal the holidays! Be safe! (November 2021 Newsletter)

Don’t let the grinch steal the holidays! Be safe! During the holidays there are environmental […]

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How to turn small talk into smart conversation (October 2021 Newsletter)

How to turn small talk into smart conversation Imagine almost any situation where two or […]

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