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Sam Parker NMS Training – ecommerce

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The Challenge:

We were asked to take over the site and make the purchasing of classes straightforward and to present them properly in a calendar format.

Later on, we did a quick site redesign.

The Solution:

Given Sam's complex class structure and programs, we decided to do something unique: implement a credits-based store. We

  • programmed WooCommerce such that people can buy credits that give access to x amount of hours of training that can then be applied to purchasing of classes
  • produced several packages of credits that can be purchased
  • implement ticketing and check-in systems and tweaked the emails people get
  • allowed for "early-bird" and "late-registration" tickets
  • implemented a calendar with her branding that also allows for event list and grid displays
  • worked with her on some branding so that she chose a new domain name that better reflects her

The Result

The client decided they did not want the site anymore, so we deleted it; however, you can see a little of what it was like in the video below.

Walkthrough of Redesigned Site - Watch Video

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