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The Challenge:

Redesign an e-commerce site that has been around since the early 2000s and update the store such that it can support two countries with one site, using different pricing, according to the country. The site needs to detect a user's IP address and display things appropriately for them, as well as ensure shipping is done properly between the countries.

There are also multiple locations in each country and we had to account for that in the checkout.

Online quote requests using collapsible forms and images were also required.

The Solution:

  • We worked closely with one of their team members to design the look and feel of the site.
  • Multiple menu levels are, some being sticky, were implemented.
  • We were required to have the add to cart buttons and pricing information float at the bottom of the screen when viewing a product.
  • Pricing and product display is dependent upon the country detected, either by IP address or by shipping address.
  • Very customized emails such that subject lines change to one email address depending upon the country.
  • Inclusion of text to maintain SEO results but to have that not distract from a client's shopping experience.
  • Custom¬†cart widget in the upper-right hand corner.
  • Custom checkout page.
  • Side-bar filtering based on multiple factors, depending upon the page.
  • "Hidden" coupon field to limit people exiting the site to search for coupons and never coming back.
  • Custom Thank You page.
  • Adjustment of payment options depending upon user role, specifically allowing some people to pay by invoice.
  • User roles implemented for built-in discounts and appropriate notifications displayed.
  • Very customized product display, including sticky purchasing button on product pages.
  • Various shipping methods depending upon the store location chosen at checkout.
  • And we're working on custom inventory control on a per product and country basis, implementation of tax-free roles, and sales quote capability.

The Result

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