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How to learn faster by 30% or more

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We all want to learn faster, don't we? Now you can!

What if I told you there's a way to speed up your learning by 30% or more?

How to Learn Faster

A large part of our learning is with online training videos. YouTube has a ton of them in all subjects imaginable. Plus you can buy courses from Udemy, Lynda, etc.

Or someone has a specific training course that you purchased, with a series of videos.

Well, I always am seeking how to learn faster, for myself and my business.

One of my partners, Claudia Loens of Wordflirt, told me about this certain tool to help speed up the videos you watch.

That tool is enounce's My enounce 's Myspeed (full disclosure, this link, and others, are affiliate links and I get a commission from them, but I'd really appreciate using my link - it won't cost you anything).

Click below to try it out:


It can adjust the video playback speed of videos. Either slowing them down or speeding up when needed. I've recorded a video to show you how it will work:

So there are two main uses of it.

1. To speed up the video

Especially at the beginning of a video, there's all the introduction stuff, words like "I'm so and so from xyz company and we make his and that. We've been doing it for 20 years and here are some of our success today's video you'll learn about blah blah blah. So well me everyone. Now let's get into it. "

Or splash screen info (like I've recorded myself!)

So inevitably I speed up during this time about 1.5x or even more.

Then I back down to about 1.3x, which is my personal favorite speed. But it all depends upon the person that talks.

2. To slow down the video

The other way is when I want to follow closely step by step what someone is doing and I don't want to miss a subtle part. That's when I'll back up and slow it down, slightly, or just reduce it to 1x speed.

Of course, that's for that portion only.


It works in just about all browsers and on Windows and Mac.

I've been using the tool for several months now, and it has saved me a ton of time!

Almost all of the videos I watch or embedded in someone's website, so I don't need the MySpeed Premier version. And I suspect the same case for you.

I highly recommend you purchase, but at least do the free trial and see for yourself.

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