Maximizing Value based on $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi

Maximizing Value based on $100M Offers by Alex Hormozi



Dave's tip emphasizes maximizing value by enhancing dream outcomes, perceived success, and minimizing time delays and effort, inspired by Alex Hormozi's insights.

In our monthly book club, we reviewed Alex Hormozi's book "$100M Offers - How To Make Offers So Good People Feel Stupid Saying No".

The most powerful insight is shown in the diagram below, where to increase value, we

  • Increase the Dream Outcome
  • Increase the Perceived Likelihood of Achievement
  • Decrease the Time Delay to achieving the Dream Outcome to as close to zero as possible
  • Decrease the Effort & Sacrifice to as close to zero as possible

A key point Alex says: "The best companies in the world focus all their attention on the bottom side of the equation."

We've already modified our web development business to include producing a high percentage of the content of the website, making it easier for clients to get their site done.

And we are applying this elsewhere, too.

How can you apply it to your business?

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