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Pro Website Creators Web Design Process – Architecture & Design Concept

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Hello, this is Dave Braun from Pro Website Creators. In the previous video, we talked about the five phases of our development. And then we also talked about the requirements that we would need from you. In this one, we're going to talk about the architecture and the design concept. So it starts with the content requirement guide. Now in that content requirement guide, we require from you texts, logos, images, pictures, emails, and a few other things. Now, we also require a lot of content potentially if you are doing the content versus if we are. But one of the things too is that we do it in two phases. The first phase is along here in the architecture and design concept. We get what we need for that concept to get the look and the feel correct. The second part of the content requirement guide, we go into the next phase for the implementation.

So what we do also is we get your application scenarios. In other words, regarding your client who's going to be visiting your site, how they're going to be moving through your site, what they're going to do, what are they going to be clicking on, if they're going to buy, et cetera. So we go through those detailed application scenarios. We also want to understand how you're going to use the site itself. So it's not just from one perspective, it's from both your perspective and your client's perspective. And we document what those are. Then we will prepare for ourselves an internal architecture document where we will understand all the details, do some experiments, et cetera, whatever we need to do to figure out what we need to do once we get it into the implementation stage. And then we do the design concept and we do that for potentially three different pages, but always two of them.

One is the homepage, and that dictates the look and feel of the site, the colors, the fonts, potentially the logo. We always have a logo, but potentially if there's a logo change, that will also dictate the footer, how the menu is done, et cetera. So that's the key page that we do and make sure we get that right. And then once we finished that, we go to an example inner page. Typically that might be an about page or a contact page, or a team page, whatever makes the most sense. And there's times when we will do more than that inner page. Typically what that would be is a blog page. In other words, if you're doing a blog, how would that look? And then what we do is we put this on a particular website. So let me show you what that is. (see the video).

So what it looks like here is simply an image. Nothing here is clickable because we do the concept in Photoshop. And of course it's scalable, so you can kind of see that it's got menus, but again this is not clickable. It's not a website itself. It's just an image placed on a particular web page so that you can kind of get a feel. So on the left site, you'll be able to also see an example inner page. So you can get a very good idea of what it's going to look like. And that's the architecture and design concept. Once that's finished, then we go into the implementation phase, which will be in the next video.

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