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Pro Website Creators Web Design Process – Implementation

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Hello, this is Dave Braun from Pro Website Creators. We're going to talk about the implementation phase of our process. And we've already gone through the requirements that we get from you, the architecture and design concept. Now we're going to talk about implementation.

So here's the implementation. We're going to talk about the content requirement guide again. Now, remember, this is going to be the remaining content that we get from you. It could be a lot more images, depending upon what's going to happen in your site. It could be videos that you need in there. It could be a whole bunch of different things. And we would detail those out in the guide and what we need to get from you. Then the next phase we will configure the back end software.

This is not something that you do, but we go in and we install WordPress and use our high quality themes, plugins, and custom code that we'll need to do for creating your site. Then the next is we implement the design based upon the model. That's based upon the design concept that we've already gotten approved from you previously. Now we'll make it SEO ready, accessibility, we do as much as we can for that, given the contract that we have. We'll also make sure that email deliverability is as best as possible and make sure that the design, of course, is responsive. And then of course, we're adding the content into all the different pages. That's it for this particular phase, the next one is going to be testing and we'll talk to you about that in the next video.

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