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Pro Website Creators Web Design Process – Overview

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Hello, this is Dave Braun from Pro Website Creators. I'm going to talk to you a little bit about our website development process. This first video is going to be a high-level overview of the process, and then there will be subsequent videos that we'll go into more details. So let's get started.

So the first phase in our process is customer requirements. We get the information from you about what you desire, what you want, and I'll go over those details a little bit later. Our next phase is we design the architecture based upon your requirements. And we do a design concept, which is a couple of mock-ups to show you what the site will look like. And once those are approved, then we go ahead and implement the site onto a staging site. And then we do a lot of testing and we do most of it; you will do some too, because we want to make sure that it looks good to your tastes. And sometimes there's a few adjustments that you're going to want us to make at that point.

Then the next phase is we go ahead and we launch the site and there's quite a long launch process that we have. So in the next videos, I'm going to talk to you in more details about the customer requirements. And then we'll talk about the other phases in subsequent videos. Thank you.

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