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The Challenge:

Create a highly customized website for 23rd Veteran, which is an organization dedicated to assisting military veterans who are coping with trauma. They offer a unique 14-week mental health program, known as the 23V Recon, which has been instrumental in helping veterans transition from a life of isolation, anxiety, panic, and depression to one of happiness and well-being​.

The Solution:

  • We worked closely with Mike Waldron, going through several rounds of design to capture what he wanted, which was a very appealing and easy to navigate site.
  • We kept a stick menu and write below that have positioned two of their main Call-To-Actions (CTAs) of Donate and Login so that it's always apparent for someone to do this.
  • The headings throught the site are very unique in that they have a mix of sizes and fonts and colors.
  • The heart of their service, the 23V Recon program, has a page with a highly customized timeline to showcase what happens when a veteran goes through the program.
  • The images in the hero area have some unique borders that we designed.

The Result


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