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Premium Digital Asset Membership Site

Membership Site for a Digital Asset - showing a digital book with buttons to purchase

The Challenge:

We needed to do the following:

  • Build a robust DRM (Digital Rights Management) system that would be essential to ensure that a PDF, representing a digital asset (in this case a book) can be accessed online but not downloaded.
  • Minimize user input required for purchase yet still allow them to access the site properly.
  • Allow for bulk corporate purchases and the granting of up to 500 unique licenses.
  • Engineer the site to handle potentially high traffic loads, possibly with 1000 users viewing the flipbook simultaneously, requiring optimized server resources and efficient code.
  • Enable the embedding of videos as bonuses (for the future) in new pages.
  • Give the future option of more books and bonuses with the architecture.

The Solution for the Digital Asset:

We decided to setup WordPress due to the flexibility it provides as well as the ability to implement a membership site that would fully protect the digital asset.

We did the following:

  • Developed a sales page as the home page, with the content initially proposed by us and added to by the client.
  • Gutted the checkout page so they ONLY thing needed for checkout is an email address and credit card; as such, we had to auto-generate their username and password
  • Implemented the digital asset, which was a PDF book, as a flipbook so that it can easily be displayed, and in a nice format.
  • Included options for both individual and group purchases, where we can create individual group coupon codes so that we give someone a code, and they can checkout with no money.
  • Add membership functionality to grant access immediately upon purchase.
  • Implemented appropriate follow-up emails to ensure successful transactions and delivery of auto-generated username/password to the buyers.
  • Adjusted user permisions and levels so that it would be easy for our client to manage the backend sales/membership features.
  • Include a comprehensive management package covering security, backups, licenses, hosting, and updates, as well as detailed analytics.

The Result

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