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The Challenge:

Raffa has over ten years of experience in both construction and contracting with the Army. She understands what the customer needs and she knows how to supply it in a timely efficient manner.

In the Army, She was a Project Manager on several multimillion-dollar projects (roads, entry control points, barracks renovations, and also ran a rock quarry for a time).

Now she runs a contract agency that offers construction services such as carpentry, drywall, fencing, flooring, painting, post-construction cleanup, and recycling.

We decided our "one-week website" package was the best solution for her but there have been hurdles along the way (a redesign) so the 'one-week timeline got stretched into 3 weeks.

The Solution:

We hopped in a zoom call with Raffa where she explained on video + screen share how she wants her site to look.

(a) we scrapped the original plan and created a new custom template for her site

(b) we did a total color palette re-do

(c) reduced the number of stock images used and replaced it with Raffa's own photos

The Result:

(The client has since redesigned in another platform, but what we did is still applicable, see our design above).

About Us

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