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Fly Right Ministry – eCommerce & Tickets

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The Challenge:

Jim Harris wanted to have an updated database on the site where he could keep the information for the prison ministry volunteers, an updated look and feel, enhanced security, a more detailed volunteer registration portal, and a customized ticket purchase approach for his volunteers.

Since the initial design, we've added a shop where he can sell t-shirts, jackets, etc. to raise money.

The Solution:

The new design is highly customized and showcases the events for which volunteers can signup. We did the following:

  • Highly customized the user registration process, masking sensitive fields, and providing clear instructions.
  • Highly customized event capabilities.
  • Auto-logout upon tab closure and idle for security purposes.
  • The main Call-To-Actions (CTAs) floating above the menu for ease of navigation.
  • Customized help videos in the backend for client training purposes.
  • Great anti-spam control so no captchas or challenges are needed for contact and submission forms.
  • Syncing of ticket purchases with Mailchimp.
  • Ability to sell more than just tickets to events via WooCommerce integration.
  • And more!

The Result

The Old Site

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