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Pro Website Creators Web Design Process – Testing

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Hello, this is Dave Braun from Pro Website Creators. Previously we went through the customer requirements phase in our web development process, and the architecture and design concept and the implementation phase. So now we're going to talk about the testing phase.

What we do in the testing phase is we have some internal and some client testing, most of it is internal. So what we do is we will get test reports from various sources to look at performance, accessibility, just different things through our experience and the services that we use for this. So we'll get test reports and follow up with those and make sure that we've got everything implemented appropriately. We'll verify that the social media shares are working well. We'll make sure that there aren't any broken links. A lot of times we've got some old content that exists, we'll have links that don't go anywhere and that's not the greatest thing.

We'll also test on different browsers. Typically it'll be Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Those are the main ones, and we will also look at Edge as well. We'll use the latest versions of those, and we'll also test on different devices. Normally that will be like an iPhone, some kind of an Android device as well. It might be an iPad. Also, we'll do it on a MacBook Pro and also we will do it on a PC as well. So we've got various different devices and real world testing that we'll look at.

If you're doing email marketing, we will connect that up with whatever service that you're using.

We will configure the log-ins for you. Now, typically what we do is we will give you an admin log in that will give you full access to the site because it's your site and you own it, but that's one that you shouldn't use very often. It should be something that has more of an editor level access to where you can't screw up the site, but you can create content and make updates. So we give you those two and then others, depending upon what's going on with the site; if it's a WooCommerce or if it's an e-commerce site, then we will give you like a shop manager capability where you can manage your products and do orders and things like that.

The other thing that we do, that's a little bit unique for us, is that we record how-to videos for you and we'll place them in the back end of the site. We include videos on how to do WordPress, but we'll do custom videos for you as well.

In the next video, we'll talk about the launch process that we have.

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