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Pro Website Creators Web Design Process – Launch

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Hello, I'm Dave Braun from Pro Website Creators. In this video, we're going to talk about the final phase in our web development process, which is the launch phase.

What we do is we'll make the test site that we've been developing your site on, we're going to make that live. So we'll modify appropriate internet records so that it will appear on your domain. Then we'll do the final configurations. We'll do the security, analytics, set up google analytics as appropriate. We'll perform the various optimizations to speed up the site. We'll do appropriate backups, making sure that those are set up and running at least on a daily basis. And then we'll update the policies that you've given us, if you have some updated ones, which will be potentially a refund policy, terms and conditions, and privacy policies, and then we'll also record any final training videos that we need to do for you to place in the backend.

We will ask you for a testimonial and a review for us. That helps us a lot, keeps our costs down, if we don't have to pay for marketing - having you give us a testimony and review is the best marketing that we can do. We'd really appreciate that.

We will start giving you regular monthly maintenance reports as appropriate for your level of maintenance service.

So that's it in the whole process and I hope you enjoyed these videos. If you have any questions, just reach out to us here at this email address, help[at] Again, I'm Dave Braun, CEO of Have a great day!

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