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We Fight 4 U Law (Central Valley Trial Attorneys)

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The Challenge:

Create a highly customized website for an amazing attorney firm that specializes in defending people.

They had a previous site that was OK, which they designed themselves. But they wanted something professional, recognizable as an attorney firm, but not something cookie-cutter.

They wanted to emphasize how they are former prosectors and their differentiation from other firms.

See the video below of the before and after.

The Solution:

  • We interviewed them to generate their main message, their call-to-actions, and some of the content, working afterwards to create the remainder of it.
  • We understood their custom software they provide to their clients and recorded videos on how it works.
  • We made the top area partially transparent to let the background image come through to add a nice effect.
  • We edited all pictures for clarity and even inserted objects and people where needed.
  • We use the Ken Burns effect in the hero area to add interest, kind of like having a video there but without actually doing one!
  • We performed a SEO analysis to ensure the keywords they were already ranking for would stay at those rankings or even improve.
  • We gave them access to analytics for the site in a robust way.
  • And of course we optimized the site so that it loads very fast.

The Result


About Us

  • We love to be your digital partner, working behind the scenes to make you more successful.

  • We hate the design, ditch, and disappearance that is so pervasive in our industry, and the unprofessionalism that exists.

  • We're creating a better way, constantly improving, and helping you do the same!
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